Structural Glazed Curtain Walling


fire-rated-structural-curtain-walling.jpgThe Structural Glazed Curtain Walling System is accredited for fire resistance class EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60 according to the standards PN-EN 1364-3 and PN-EN 1364-1. The system has been classified as non-fire-propagating (NFP).


The system is essentially the same as the traditional Curtain Walling System however does not require the Pressure Plates & Pressure Caps which are 50mm wide and instead has a 24mm flush silicone finish.  This gives the Curtain Walling a sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing look.

The system uses an HPVC continous thermal break and EPDM gaskets to achieve impressive optimal thermal and acoustic insulation performance. 

Fixed glazing and metal infil panels are mechanically secured to the curtain walling through special clamping plates.  The system can also accomodate the intregation of windows and doors from our standard range.

The system can accomodate double or tripple glazing between 36-64 mm thickness, meeting the requirements of PN-EN 12150-1, PN-EN 1279-1:2006 and PN-EN 1279-5:2006.

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Fire Rated Windows Product
Fire Rated Windows Product
Fire Rated Windows Product