2 Hour / 120 min Fire Rated Screens


Design depth of profiles is 118 mm

The system is based on five-chamber aluminum profiles with a 34 mm wide thermal spacers.

The internal chambers of the profiles and insulating spaces between the profiles include fire insulation elements.

On the external surfaces, additional foam tapes are mounted, which expand under high temperatures.

The glazing range for the partition walls covers an infill thickness of 48-84 mm.

Depending on the function of the building, single fire-resistant panes or glazing units with fire-resistant glass can be used.

External or Internal Screen with fireproofing classification of EI120.  


Fixed Light Windows / Screens are available in all standard RAL colours upto a maximum width of 6 Metres by 3.75 Metres High.  Maximum size of glass / infill panels is 1.46 x 2.59 Metres. 


Technical approval ITB AT-15-6006/2012


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Fire Rated Windows Product
Fire Rated Windows Product
Fire Rated Windows Product