Fire Rated Curtain Walling


The construction of the system is based on the load-bearing grid structure composed of vertical members (mullions) and horizontal members (transoms) of box section which are  50mm wide.  The depth of mullions vary's between 85 - 185mm and the depth of transoms vary's between 65 - 145mm.  Mullions and Transoms selected are dependant on windloading and structural analysis, which has to be carried out for each project.


The appearance of the system does not differ from regular curtain walling and is capeable of straight & angular connections.  The system is also suitable for facetting up to +/- 7.5 degrees.


Filling thicknesses range between 15 - 49mm and is suitable to accept glass or a range of non-transparent fillings.



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Fire Rated Windows Product
Fire Rated Windows Product
Fire Rated Windows Product