System 60 EI - EI15, EI30 Fire Rating

207_mb-60 e ei - okno stale_zblizenie_resized.jpgThis system offers internal or external screens featuring single and double doors;

  • Inward or outward opening single doors
  • Inward or outward opening double doors
  • Fixed Glazing

Fire Rating to the standard PN-EN 13501-2+A1 for internal or external fireproof partitions with single or double doors and technical windows of fireproof class;

  • EI 15 (15 Minutes Integrity & Insulation)
  • EI 30 (30 Minutes Integrity & Insulation)



  • 60mm Outer Frame & Vent Frame Depth
  • Glazing Thickness ranging from 5mm to 41mm
  • Range of Door Hardware
  • Max Single Door Size 1400mm Wide x 2475mm High
  • Max Double Door Size 2580mm Wide x 2475mm High
  • Max Door Leaf Weight 150kg
  • Max Screen Width 6000mm between expansion joints
  • Max Screen Height 4000mm

Technical Specification;

  • Fire Rating EI 15, EI 30 to EN 13501-2+A1
  • Air Tightness to Class 2, PN-EN 12207
  • Water Tightness to Class 3A, PN-EN 12208


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